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One of my greatest joys is helping new homesteaders like you learn how to care for sheep. I like to provide gentle, practical guidance about how you can set up your homestead’s sheep operation so that you are successful and your sheep are humanely cared for. There are a lot of details and decisions that can spell either disaster or “Happiness You Can Taste”. Indeed, that is the byline of Bah Bah Blacktail Farm.


Since fresh clean water is essential, you will want to look at the Drinking Post videos to see how you can provide that in the most trouble-free way. 

Over the years my mentoring about sheep care has been recorded on dozens of videos created by Dan Ohmann of Grassfed Homestead. Many of these YouTube videos follow Dan and his son Elliot as they begin raising sheep in north Idaho. Their family started first with getting sheep just for a summer graze and fall harvest and eventually decided to select breeding stock and set up a year-round program to raise meat for their homestead. These videos provide YOU with a real education about the practicalities of raising sheep humanely, on a grass-fed basis in a far northern climate. Enjoy!

I have grouped them by topics covered so that you can find what is relevant for you. 

- Tess Hahn

How Drinking Post Works

Examples and technicals

First 5 Minutes

Introducing sheep to the post and how they figure it out

Early Days of Getting Lambs

Sheep Shopping

How to find the right breeder with the same management style.

Origins of Our Lambs

Explore Bah Bah Blacktail Farm

Getting Feeder Lambs

How to select ideal flock and transporting safely in a pickup.

Getting 14 Sheep and a Llama

Includes handling a guardian llama

Breeding Sheep

Sheep Breeding Series, Part 1

How to find right breeder with the same management style.

Selecting Ewes for Breeding, Part 2

What makes a good ewe


In part 3, we learn about the qualities to look for in a breeding ram, ram nutrition requirements, and courting behaviors.

Sheep Breeding, Part 3

Courtship and breeding by Casper at 9:23

Managing Your Sheep’s Health and Wellbeing

Weighing and Body Condition Score

Shepherdess Tess shares why weighing and condition-scoring her pregnant ewes each winter is very important for her husbandry practices.

Shearing, Crutching & Foot Trimming

How a milking stanchion works

Fecal Egg Count

Yes, you can monitor parasites.

First Aid for Shepherds

Helpful things to have on hand

Lambing Time

Lamb birthing Process

Watch a birth

Newborns and Recordkeeping

What records should you keep

Milking a Sheep

The how to process of milking dairy sheep

Sheep Farming When Everything Goes Wrong

Part 1

Mud disaster, catch pens, head gates, creep pen setup

Part 2

Practical hints regarding lamb wellbeing, weaning, injuries.

Part 3 

Types of poop, creep feed, cleaning eyes, cold lambs

Part 4

Mastitis, sharp baby teeth

Strategic Gate Placement & Duct Tape

There will always be errors and repairs

Fun on the Farm

First Annual Idaho Sheep Derby

Community Event Extraordinaire 

Unintended Consequences

Tess talks about an unwanted behavior her great Pyrenees livestock guardian dog has learned from the First Annual Carewood, Idaho Sheep Derby.

Sheep Book Recommendations

Great written resources 

Miscellaneous Milestones

Winter Visit by Ohmanns

Meeting the Katahdin and east Friesian breeding ewes and their newborn lambs for the first time

Lambs on loan

Prepare a receiving area for the sheep

Lambs Arrive

A dream come true

Lambs Return home

Time to bring the lambs back 

Story of Inspiration about Tess and the Farm

Tess's backstory of becoming a shepherdess and starting Bah Bah Blacktail Farm

Join Shepherdess Tess through her life journey of heartache, world travels, love, healing, community, and…sheep.

The Making of “Discovering Home: The Sheep Show” by Grass Fed Media

Everyone's favorite shepherdess, Tess

Trailer for “Discovering Home: The Sheep Show” by Dan Ohmann, Grass Fed Media

From Eastern Medicine Practitioner to Sheep Farmer

Get The Book

SheepWhispering 101

This book will help you choose the right sheep for your farm, learn about grass and hay to feed your sheep and make the best use of your land.

You will learn tips for easier handling, relevant record-keeping and  ways to protect your sheep from both predators and parasites.

It also covers many of the basics you need to know about breeding sheep, bottle babies and sheep’s milk. It also discusses humane harvests.

The story told in the beginning of the book is a lighthearted, family friendly way to familiarize you with homestead style shepherding. Read this book to build your understanding and your confidence. 



Tess Hahn

Little Blacktail Rd
Careywood, Idaho

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