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Got Grass? Turn it into food!

At Bah Bah Blacktail Farm, in Careywood, Idaho, we offer a limited number of “feeder lambs” each year.  These are lambs born in March/April that are weaned and ready to go in June to graze in your secure pasture.  You raise them on your grass during summer and then you arrange to harvest them in the fall (October/November). These are lambs that have been raised without antibiotics, growth hormones or pesticides. These are the cleanest and happiest lambs you will find.  Remember, our farm’s motto is “Happiness you can taste”.

Realistic Expectations – What weight should you expect these lambs to attain in 5-6 months?

On our pastures, from May to October an average gain is 60 lbs. Thus, a weanling lamb of 50 lbs. grows to an animal of 110.  Results on your pastures may differ depending on the amount and quality of your grass and on how safe the lambs feel there.  We sell healthy lambs with potential to gain 50+ lbs. over summer just by eating your grass.  Katahdins might not have the largest size gain of the sheep breeds, but they don’t require shearing and they excel on grass-fed farms.  They are the “gain without grain” sheep.  Plus, we think their flavor is the best!

Deposits and Delivery?

We take deposits ($100) on feeder lambs beginning February 14th and continue until all our available feeder candidates are reserved. our supply depends on the results of the March lambing season.  Prices range from $200-350. The balance is due by pickup day and cash or PayPal are accepted.  You will pick up your lambs at our farm in Careywood.  Delivery may sometimes be arranged for an additional mileage fee.

What about eventually getting them into the freezer?

You will need to arrange for your sheep’s humane harvest, generally done in October/November.  There are several options:

  • A professional mobile butcher comes to your farm by appointment

  • You do the work yourself

  • You take your animal to a commercial USDA approved meat processing center 

Often buyers will share the fruits of their labor and the care of their lambs with a neighbor or friend. Everyone wins.  We offer educational workshops about home butchering at our farm, usually in September, so that you can get an idea of whether this option suits your situation.  More questions? Please ask! We enjoy explaining and are happy to help.

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