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Raise Healthy Sheep.

Improve Your Land. Feed Your Family. 

You Can Turn Sunlight Into Rich Soil, Meat & Milk

Learn how to use rotational grazing on your land from an experienced shepherdess.

Tess Hahn's years as an Eastern medicine practitioner bring traditional knowledge to modern farming.

It all begins with healthy soil.
The sun feeds the grass.
The grass feeds the sheep.
The sheep feed us.

Now she's sharing her thoughtful systems and practices with you. Follow the steps with your animals to produce 'Happiness You Can Taste'

Click play to learn how Tess became a shepherdess who has raised 15 generations of healthy sheep.

These resources are for you

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Get The Book

If you're thinking about getting sheep or wish to keep your flock healthy, this is your go-to guide. It's informative, and entertaining, and filled with real-life examples you can’t get anywhere else.

Clean, Fresh Water

Drinking Post Automatic Waterers save time, money and energy for you the farmer. Contact Tess to find the right size for your farm and get a custom quote.

Free Video Lessons 

Hours of recorded workshops on all the ins and outs of raising sheep. Breed selection, breeding season, humane harvesting, improving soil, and more are all covered for free in these lessons. 

Clean Water On-Demand

No electricity needed! 


Your local North Idaho Distributor

Tess Hahn

Get The Book

SheepWhispering 101

This book will help you choose the right sheep for your farm, learn about grass and hay to feed your sheep and make the best use of your land.

You will learn tips for easier handling, relevant record-keeping and ways to protect your sheep from both predators and parasites.

It also covers many of the basics you need to know about breeding sheep, bottle babies and sheep’s milk. It also discusses humane harvests.

The story told in the beginning of the book is a lighthearted, family friendly way to familiarize you with homestead style shepherding. Read this book to build your understanding and your confidence. 

Imagine raising sheep this happy...

The healthier way to raise happy sheep on your homestead

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Find out more about:

  • Our farm practices

  • How to source sheep

  • Rotational grazing

  • Humane harvests

  • Getting started


"Tess knows her sheep! How wonderful to take the knowledge she has gained and share it with other homesteaders. If you think you may want sheep, this is a great place to start!"


"I am new to sheep and felt fortunate to have stumbled on Sheep Whispering 101. Tess does an excellent job covering the ins and outs of responsible shepherding. I so appreciate her storytelling style and sense of humor while sharing valuable information."


"Tess has been my mentor since my very first lamb. She knows how to raise hardy sheep that thrive in North Idaho and is a wealth of knowledge. She's the epitome of a 'Sheep Whisperer'”
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If you've got grass you've got a sustainable food supply

Use proven methods to regenerate your land's fertility and raise high-quality protein.



Tess Hahn

Little Blacktail Rd
Careywood, Idaho

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